Duplicate Check Database

LeadsPedia allows you to import leads and perform a duplicate check against your leads. 

Importing Leads to Perform a duplicate check against

Go to Settings -> Lists -> Duplicate Leads Database

To import Leads into your LeadsPedia platform, Click on Import Duplicate Leads...

CSV File: Choose the CSV file to import into LeadsPedia.

Vertical: Select the vertical you want to assign the imported leads to.

Click Continue. Next window will ask you to map the fields with the CSV columns. 

When done. Go ahead and click Import Leads. You will see a confirmation message. Click Yes to import the leads. No, to go back to modify the column matching. 

You should be able to see the leads now.

Duplicate Database Settings

Enabling the platform to perform duplicate check against the imported leads is managed at the vertical level. 

Pull up the vertical window by going to Settings -> Verticals. Click on the vertical Name. The vertical window will pop up. Click on Settings -> Duplicate Database.

Duplicate Check

Enable Leads Duplicate Database Check turns on the duplicate check rule. If this is unchecked, the platform won't check for duplicate when the leads are posted. 

Duplicate Rules

Fields: The platform determines duplicates based on (First Name, Last Name, E-Mail Address, Phone Number and Zip Code). If you check E-Mail Address and Phone Number, then the platform will look for leads that have the same email address and phone number. If email address is an optional field and the lead gets posted without an email address, then the platform will only check for duplicates against phone number. 

Within: You can specify the time range for duplicate check. If you choose 30 days, the platform will only perform the duplicate check against leads that are 30 days old.

Across: You can perform duplicate check across this vertical, All verticals or specified verticals. If you choose this vertical, then the platform will only perform the duplicate check against leads in this vertical. If you choose All verticals, then the platform will perform duplicate check against all your leads. If you choose specific verticals (Ex. Auto Insurance and Auto Loans), then the platform will perform duplicate check against Auto Insurance and Auto Loans Verticals.