Vertical Settings

This is vertical Settings Page!

No Available Advertisers Response

This is the default response your affiliates will see when there are no available contracts to buy the lead. 

Lead Response Settings

Show Advertisers Names: Advertisers name will show in the lead post response

Show Advertisers Message Token: The response message from your advertiser or lead buyer will show in the post response.

Show Rejected Advertisers: This option will show advertisers that do not buy the lead.

Show Contracts Phone Number: This shows the advertiser's transfer phone number in the response .

Show Contract Full Post Response: Shows the advertiser's full post response. 

Show Contract Full Ping Response: Shows the advertiser's full ping response. 

Show Call Routing Contracts: Shows all Call Routing Contracts for the advertisers who buy the lead in the post response. 

Hide Lead Payout Price: This option won't show the payout in the lead post response. 

Additional Lead Settings

Tie Favors Exclusive: If you have exclusive lead buyers and multisell buyers and the option of selling exclusively is the same as multisell, the platform will prioritize the exclusive advertiser if the revenue is the same.