Setting up your Custom Domain

As part of white-labeling your platform. You have the ability to use your own custom domains.

Adding your custom domain is managed in the System Settings...

From the Main Menu click on  Settings -> Settings -> System Settings...

From the System Settings Menu, Click on Custom Domains.

You can see all Custom Domains you use in the Custom Domains Table.

To Add a Custom Domain, Click on Add Custom Domain...

Custom Domain Settings

Custom Domain: Type in your custom domain WITHOUT the HTTP/HTTPS. 

Domain Type: The Custom Domain Type. There are two types...

  • Tracking Domain: This allows you to host your offer tracking URLs on a custom domain. 
  • Application Domain: This allows you to host your network URLs on a custom domain. (Ex. Platform UI, Affiliate and Advertiser Portal).

Domain Status: InActive domains won't work. 

Default Domain: If marked as default, all generated links will be using the default Domain.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Enable SSL: Wether or not you want to enable SSL for your custom domain. 

Create a CNAME record:

Once you add your custom domain, you will need to login to your domain provider to create a CNAME record to point your custom domain to your default domain. Below is a list to major hosting providers and how to create a CNAME record for your domain:




Crazy Domains


Dyn & Nettica





Google Domains




Network Solutions



Note: Changing your tracking domain from one custom tracking domain to another will cause any current affiliate tracking links and advertiser pixels that use old custom tracking domain to not work.