LeadsPedia Workflow

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In your LeadsPedia Platform, everything starts at the Vertical level as it provides the top level guiding principles for each industry. Your verticals can be found under Settings > Verticals. 

Affiliates and Advertisers may be connected to multiple Verticals, through Campaigns and Contracts, and stand as separate entities within the platform.

As the Offer is the conduit to connect your various sources to your Advertisers, each Offer is connected to one specific Vertical and manages the distribution between your Campaigns and Contracts. 

Campaigns and Contracts connect your Affiliates to the Advertisers through the Offer and at a base level define the payout and revenue models. 

In the case of Revenue Per Lead or Revenue Per Call Offers, you may connect multiple Advertiser Contracts to the same Offer allowing for additional flexibility in routing and distribution. You may also connect one Advertiser Contract to multiple different Offers. 

Notes for consideration:

  • A Campaign is always connected to one Affiliate and one Offer only. 
  • Multiple Advertiser Contracts may be connected to an Offer for LeadGen and Call Tracking.
  • One Advertiser's Contract may be connected with Multiple Offers.
  • In the case of CPA Offers, the Offer will be connected directly to an Advertiser without a Contract.