The Vertical is often defined as the industry or type of traffic, leads and inbound calls you will be processing through the platform. The Vertical includes some of the ‘top level’ guiding rules for all incoming leads, traffic and calls.


The Affiliate may also be known as a publisher, vendor, source, network, or lead seller/generator. The Affiliate is the channel from which you are generating leads, traffic and inbound calls into the platform. In the platform, an Affiliate is connected to a Campaign and could also be setup as a paid search channel such as Google AdWords. Affiliates may be added manually or may sign-up through the Affiliate Sign-up page.


An Advertiser, also known as a buyer, client, or revenue generator, is the buyer of leads, traffic and inbound calls through the platform. In the case where your company provides the end product or service, your company may be setup as an Advertiser. Advertisers may be added manually or may sign-up through the Advertiser Sign-up page.


The Offer manages the distribution of leads, traffic and inbound calls flowing through the platform, from Affiliates to Advertisers, and acts as the primary module to prevent fraud. The Offer also provides necessary instructions for an Affiliate to run an effective Campaign.


For LeadGen and Call Routing, the Contract is the connection between an Offer and your Advertiser. The Contract settings determine the specific Advertiser requirements pertaining to lead or call delivery such as cap management, delivery schedules, filters and delivery methods. 


A Campaign is the unique connection between each Affiliate and an Offer. The Campaign is used to track and route leads, traffic or inbound calls into the platform.