Activating in Your Account

To Activate Anura integration, you will need to establish a business relationship with and get your instance id from Anura.

From the Main Menu, go to Settings -> System Settings.

From the left menu, click on 3rd Party Integrations and click on Anura. 

Once you place your Instance ID, click Save & Close.

Activating at the Offer Level

After you enable, you will need to enable Anura at the Offer Level

To enable Anura, at the offer level, navigate to Offers and click on the Offer Name to open the Offer Window. 

From the Toolbar at the Offer Window, click on 3rd Party Integrations -> Anura

Check the box, Enable Anura click lookup to enable Anura. 

By Checking Enable Anura click lookup, LeadsPedia will ONLY do a lookup and NOT take an action on the Anura response. 

If you would like to redirect suspect clicks, you must check Redirect suspect clicks to and choose the redirect option. 

What is Anura?
You can visit to learn more about Anura.