Creating a Post Webhook

To create Post Webhook, from the Main Menu, go to  Settings -> Webhooks...

Click on Create Webhook...

Event: Select the event.
Type: Select Post.
Description: Give your webhook a description.

Click Continue...

Status: Select the Status. InActive Webhooks won't be executed. 
Description: Give your webhook a description for your reference. 

URL: Type the Post URL. 
Interpret Using: Response will be considered a success on

  • Any: Always a success. 
  • Status Code: Based on HTTP status code, you can use exact (200) or match (2XX). 
  • Exact Match: The exact match of a string
  • Any Match: Any match from the response. 

Username & Password: Basic Auth Credentials
Timeout: The Maximum time in seconds to wait for a response from the server. 

Post Webhook Parameters...
Click on Parameters... to add Post, Get or Header Parameters to post to the URL. 

Click Add Parameter... to Add Parameters Post, Get or Header Parameters. 

Parameter: The Parameter Name to post to the URL. 
Token: Mapping token to the Parameters. 
Method: Choose Post, Get or Header.