Webhook Rules

Webhooks Rules are useful when you want to include or exclude specific entities within the Webhook. 

Depends on the Webhook Action, you can specify specific entities to apply the webhook to. 

Type of Entities

  • Vertical
  • Offer
  • Affiliate
  • Affiliate Campaign
  • Advertiser
  • Advertiser Contract
  • Platform User
  • Advertiser Contact
  • Affiliate Contact

Use Case Example

If you only want to post leads from a specific affiliate, campaign, or offer, you can include the campaign and the webhook will only apply to that Campaign. 

Managing Webhooks Rules

From the main menu, go to Settings -> Webhooks. 

To manage the Webhook Rules, Click on the Webhook Rules Icon 

To create a new Rule, click on Create New Rule...

Rule: Select the Webhook Rule
Entity: Select the Entity Type
Name: Select the Entity Name


Including Entities will only apply the webhook to each included entity. 
Excluding Entities will apply the webhook to ALL entities in your platform including the entities EXCEPT for the excluded entities. 
You cannot Include and Exclude the same entity type for the same webhook as this is considered a conflict rule. 
Each webhook type has a specific entities that can be applied to.