Return Settings

Managing Return Settings can be done at the Contract Level. 

From Main Menu, click on Advertisers -> Contracts -> Contracts.

Click on the Contract Name to open the Contract Window. 

From the Contract Menu, Click on Setting -> Duplicates & Returns

Allow Returns: When checked this setting allows advertisers to return leads from the Advertiser Portal.

Auto Approve Returns: When checked this setting auto approves returns from the Advertiser Portal.

Replace Returns: When checked this setting replaces returned leads when new leads are available.

Replacement Returns: When checked this setting will not allow an Advertiser to return replacement leads.

Max Returns Per Billing Cycle Type:

  • Fixed:  Max Returns Per Billing Cycle by fixed number of leads.
  • Percentage: Max Returns Per Billing Cycle by a percentage of volume.

Max Returns Per Billing Cycle: Maximum returns allowed per billing cycle.

Max Return Age: Maximum age in days a lead can be returned.

Max Return Days After the Billing Cycle:  Maximum amount of days after billing cycle has ended that returns will be accepted.