Managing Call Routing Schedule

Call Routing Schedule is managed in the Contract Window. 

From the Main Menu, Click on Advertisers -> Contracts -> Contracts

Click on a Contract Name to open the Contract Window

From the Contract Menu, click on Schedule.

Within the Schedule Table, you can see the schedule settings for this Contract. 

Adding a Schedule 

Click on Add Schedule... to add a new schedule. 

Schedule Days

Select the open schedule days. 

Schedule Time

Select the Start and End (open and close) Time (12:00 AM to 12:00 AM for 24 hour schedule)

Schedule Cap

- Concurrent Calls Cap: Number of concurrent calls the contract can receive within that schedule. 

- Transfers Cap: How many calls can be transferred within that schedule. 

- Billable Transfers Cap: How many billable calls can be transferred within that schedule. 

- Revenue Cap: How much revenue can be generated within that schedule. 


Note: Hourly, Daily, Weekly and monthly caps can be managed at the contract level. 


Check override default price if you want to override the default contract price. This could be helpful if the price in week days is different than the price in weekends or morning shifts vs. night shifts. 

Price is the revenue amount within that schedule.