Creating a Call Routing Offer

From the Main Menu, Click on Offers -> Create Offer...

General Information:

Advertiser: The owner of the offer. If you're the owner of the offer, then you will need to create yourself as an advertiser.

Vertical: Select the Vertical. 

Offer Information:

Offer Name: The name of the Offer.

Status: Select the Status of the Offer. (InActive offers won't be able to receive Calls).

Visibility: The Offer visibility in the Affiliate Portal.

  • Public: All Affiliates will be able to view the Offer.
  • Private: Only Affiliates with Running Campaigns.
  • Hidden: The Offer won't be displayed to any of your Affiliates.

Revenue Information:

Revenue: Select Revenue Per Call.

Payout Information:

This is the default payout info for all Affiliates generating calls to this offer.

Payout Model: Select Pay Per Call. 

Payout Method: Select how you want to compensate your Affiliates. 

  • Pay Per Call: The payout is based on an Inbound Call.
  • Pay Per Call Duration: The payout is based on the Total Call Duration wether the call is transferred or not. 
  • Pay Per Transfer: The payout is based on a Transferred Call
  • Pay Per Transfer Duration: The payout is based on a Transferred Call Duration

If you select Pay Per Call Duration or Pay Per Transfer Duration, then you will need to set the default duration in seconds.

Duration (Seconds): The duration to set the call as payable call. 

Payout: The Payout Amount for the Call.