Cherry Picking Leads

What does Cherry Picking Leads mean?

Cherry Picking is a term we use to describe the ability to pick leads and deliver them to a specific buyer contract. 

How is Cherry Picking Leads is different?

Cherry Picking Leads gives you the ability to ignore some of the following rules at the contract level...

  • Delivery Schedule.
  • Contract Delivery Cap.
  • Filters at the Contract level.
  • Minimum and Maximum lead age rule.

Cherry Picking also gives you the ability to adjust Lead Payout if the lead is sold either by using the Campaign's default payout or set a fixed payout amount. 

Where can the Cherry Pick feature be found?

From the main menu, All Leads menu item. The Cherry Pick feature can be found in...

  • All Leads.
  • Leads By Verticals.
  • Queue.
  • Review.

You can also find the Cherry Pick Option for a specific lead within the Lead's window toolbar.

Can I Cherry Pick more than one lead at a time?

Yes. You can Cherry Pick multiple leads at once as long as they're from the same vertical.

Is there a maximum number of leads for Cherry Picking?

Yes. The maximum number of leads that can be Cherry Picked is 100 at a time. 

How to Cherry Pick Leads?

Assuming you have the Lead Window open. From the toolbar, click on Cherry Pick... 

The Cherry Pick window will open. 

Advertiser Information

  • Advertiser:  The Advertiser or Lead Buyer the lead is delivering to.
  • Contract: The Contract to deliver the lead to. Only Lead Distributions contract will populate after the advertiser is selected.
  • Price:  The revenue price. The Contract's default price will populate but can be overridden with a different price.

Contract Options

  • Apply Delivery Schedule: Whether to check the Contract's Delivery Schedule.
  • Apply Contract Filters: Wether to check the Contract's filters. 
  • Apply Delivery Cap: Wether to check the Contract's Cap.
  • Apply Lead Age Rule: Wether to check the minimum and maximum lead age.

Payout Options

  • Adjust Payout Price: Wether to adjust the Lead's Payout. If unchecked, the Lead's payout will remain the same. 
  • Default Campaign Payout: If the lead is sold, then the payout will override the existing lead payout by the Campaign's default payout settings. 
  • Manual Adjustment: If checked, the Payout price can be set manually. 

After you Cherry Pick the lead, a window will open with the results of the Cherry Pick.


Note: When you Cherry Pick leads, the lead will attempt to deliver to the contract in Real-Time. The expected execution time depends on the Contract's Response time.